ZOOM 02: A&O for Katie at Home

KATIE at HOME (Wednesday, April 29, 2020)

About CONNECTIONS and how they create MEANING


CONNECTIONS exist WITHIN and BETWEEN phenomena at MULTIPLE LEVELS of ORGANIZATION (cells, groups of related cells, organs, people…) 

There is an abundance of ways things are connected — in a free-association MIND-MAP ideas are connected in a stream of consciousness that follows the paths created by the connections within one’s brain that exist by virtue of countless generations of natural selection AS MODIFIED by a lifetime of experience.    




  1.  CONNECTIONS (let’s watch Stroke of Insight: video to highlight connections between and withing levels of organization –cell-to-cell, between cerebral hemispheres, and between the brain and manifest behavior)
  3. INNATE AND ACQUIRED (genetic, congenital, and learned, experiential BIASES hat guide behavior (look in on Art & Organism notes on congenital and acquired biases)/

Possible Assignment:

  • path from a stimulus…to a perception…to a percept…to a concept…to an action…    

Connections exist within levels (such as cell-to-cell, organ-to-organ, person-to-person, “heart-to-heart“) BUT also between levels (such as organ to person, person-to-population)

ASSIGNED: diagram hypothetical connections within and between levels of organization


emergent ideas during hour: NEUROPLASTICITY:

READING: The Widening Gyrus