ZOOM 03: A&O for Katie at Home

KATIE at HOME (Wednesday, May 6, 2020)


About CONNECTIONS and how they create MEANING




MORE ABOUT MEANING: the meaning of anything, the meaning of life.  Is CONSCIOUSNESS created by an awareness of the “CONNECTIONS [that] exist WITHIN and BETWEEN phenomena at MULTIPLE LEVELS of ORGANIZATION of our BRAINS.

Is there any basis for HUMAN EXCEPTIONALISM?



  1. LEVELS OF ORGANIZATION  INCLUDING a fascinating metaphor: the Slime Mold (Read “An Extraordinary Connection” — it addresses individuation and socialization, differentiation, and altruism.
  2. INNATE AND ACQUIRED (genetic, congenital, and learned, experiential BIASES hat guide behavior (look in on Art & Organism notes on congenital and acquired biases)/

Connections exist within levels (such as cell-to-cell, organ-to-organ, person-to-person, “heart-to-heart“) BUT also between levels (such as organ to person, person-to-population)

ASSIGNED: diagram hypothetical connections within and between levels of organization


emergent ideas during hour:

WHAT IS REAL?:  Our built in reality testing: read A&O notes on REALITY TESTING

NEUROPLASTICITY: (e.g., READ: The Widening Gyrus and the experience of the epileptic violinist: Martha Curtis)