Class notes for 2018

These notes document the unfolding / blossoming of the spring seminar in 2018.   It provides only a rough guide as to what to expect in 2019 because it reflects the specific interests of the participants in the 2018 .  The disciplinary core of the course,  the spiral helix of “DEEP ETHOLOGY” (the integrative study of behavior) and “CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF ART,” remains the same.

A&O CLASS NOTES for 2018


·        A&O CLASS NOTES–March 6  (Links to “is it ART or ARTIFACT?” Fragmentary evidence and ecphory)

·        March 13 (Spring Break)

·        A&O CLASS NOTES–March 20  (artifacts and objets trouve; outsider art.  Reality Testing; adaptive functions of art)

·        A&O CLASS NOTES–March 27 – special presentation by Jan Simek: “what can paleolithic art tell us about the dawn of consciousness.”  

·        A&O CLASS NOTES–April 3 – ideas pulled togerther by talk on Paleolithic art, what stood out for ypu, and questions remaining or emergent; COMMUNICATIONS and RITUALIZATION

·        A&O CLASS NOTES–April 10  Ecology: optimality and search image as metaphors for aspects of cognition;  More on how language affects culture — Lena Boroditsky’s research

·    A&O CLASS NOTES–April 17  What does “meaning” mean?  for example, “the meaning of life”

·    A&O CLASS NOTES–April 24  Our Masks: layers of meaning?  Off-campus A&O Symposium schedule


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