A&O CLASS NOTES February 11 2020


TUESDAY February 11, 2020


Last week, February 4, these were IDEAS THAT STOOD OUT FOR YOU (from end-of-class check-in mind-maps):

  • embodied cognition
  • meaning found in context (connections)
  • “first impressions;”  what is noticed first and how does that control perception (2) Turner’s red dot
  • eye movements (2)
  • Gestalt & Figure/ground issues (3)

There was an emphasis on PERCEPTS — those from outside the body that inform you about your environment, and those from within –such as dream images or phosphenes — Take a look at a POST on my BLOG about CONNECTIONS and their sometimes dark side


  1. POSSIBLE SEMESTER TOPIC AND an example of art to represent it
  2. find some phosphenes of your own and DESCRIBE THEM — draw a picture if possible..


TODAY (Feb 11) we should get a DEEPer handle on

  • PERCEPTION(STIMULI become SENSATIONS become PERCEPTIONS become CONCEPTIONS) … “their ways in” and “their ways out”

(“Our visual brain constantly engages in the inferential process of constructing a meaningful and coherent interpretation of the visual world based on retinal images, a process mostly unconscious to the observers.”   (cited from https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00589/full )  BUT suppose the origin of the  image is entopic—from within the eye or the brain itself?


Heps us think about UNCONSCIOUS INFERENCE -how we THINK we know what we’re looking at — and the BUTTERFLY EFFECT in the brain (ask about this)


interesting “Amateur Scientist” review about phosphenes: