A&O 2023 meeting 13, April 25





notes for meeting 13

TUESDAY April 25, 2023

including likely agenda & comments from previous meeting



I sing no governed firmament,

Cold, ordered, regular— 

I sing the stinging discontent

That leaps from star to star!

From a poem, “Unrest” by Don Marquis (I might name this verse, “Making Connections”)


    • CHECK-IN: this week

    • DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE:  “Describe the Helll out of it”
    • DESCRIBE Before we interpret or analyze our experience of behavior (our own or that of others) we must DESCRIBE it … using your “scaffolding” of art and science to describe has the extraordinary–and sometimes surprising effect of conveying insight and understanding…



THIS WEEK April 25: SPECIAL GUEST: Beauvais Lyons, Director, Hokes Archives

MEET at the print shop: art and architecture room 241.




CHECK-OUT: as usual, post as soon as possible after seminar meeting:  what stood out for you (from notes taken during seminar)   




    • TARGET-DATE for FINAL PAPER (DEADLINE is date of final exam determined by registrar for 2023: Wednesday, May 17)   
    • PAPER–your FINAL REPORT : a document representing your scholarship and thinking (and/or  creative artistry) to share with me–and with your permission to be posted on-line so other people will have access.  ELEMENTS of a FINAL REPORT or a  GOOGLE DOC elements of a final report
    • IF a work of art dominates your FINAL REPORT, text can be reduced to an “Artist’s Statement” in which “projective and receptive aspects of art” are represented by a narrative of your experience of CREATION (reasoning and feelings) and APPRECIATION of artistic influences on your process; THEN a narrative of the developmental, ecological, evolutionary, and physiological aspects of the phenomenon you have described.    
    • A mere 15 weeks doesn’t allow time to teach all the traditional ways of thinking … the rules (so you can break them).   I’ve provided all the free, safe time playing with ideas to encourage creativity about this problem of a semester project: Many of you know that frustration (in moderation) brings out your creative impulses.   BUT, at this point, here is a specific assignment you need to accomplish:   creating and presenting a Powerpoint presentation to your classmates –and then using feedback from them to improve your final presentation (“term paper”)  
    • DEFINING YOUR TERMS: Definitions should help bind all participants in a community of understanding (even as you are aware that understanding will never be total or complete): AS YOU DEFINE your phenomenon, treat your definitions (like all definitions and in the best traditions of science) as tentative, preliminary, provisional, and open to revision.  You need to start somewhere, more-or-less shared understanding is essential to intersubjective communication, but everyone should understand that ambiguity enables flexibility necessary for continuing dialogue, necessary to enlarging and deepening shared understanding.  This understanding is not—can never be—perfect. We cannot even be expected to agree even with ourselves as our experience and understanding grows and our provisional definitions are commensurately adjusted.   



CONNECTIONS (it should be clear now that there are connections within and between levels of organization):

here are e-mails to provide another way of connecting with each other

ACCESS your Mindmaps at your class website (fourth column) — see where your interests overlap with those of other participants:





What Next? picking a path …  below is a constellation of ways of characterizing how you feel about your activities (what you love, what you’re good at) and the contexts in which they hopefully prosper (what the world needs and what it will pay for).  I like Venn diagrams (maybe that is a personal idiosyncrasy), and the one below is a good starting point used by many advisors and personal coaches.     READ ON