A&O 2023 meeting 4 – Feb 14




notes for meeting 4

TUESDAY February 14, 2023

including likely agenda & Outcomes from previous meeting


    • CHECK-IN: a few comments identifying yourself to the rest of us
    • COMMENTS: Today’s key ideas from CORE CONTENT–our scaffold, always mindful of PERSONAL CONNECTIONS to the content and FREE ASSOCIATIONS (mind-maps) about it.
    • CHECK-OUT: what stood out for you (from notes taken during seminar) if there are doodles and/or a mind-map, attach to e-mail after class
  • First Powerpoint development discussion about behavior of your choice followed by comments on its DEEP ethology. (presentation due date to be determined)

SOME IDEAS THAT STOOD OUT FOR YOU LAST WEEK  from your check-out postings after last week’s discussions — items in bold type had multiple mentions

  • kinds of change (development & evolution)
  • disintegration & renewal throughout development
  • scaffold
  • resonance … communicating at an unseen or a deeper than obvious level (harmonic, stochastic…)



  • Metaphors:  some of the words or phrases chosen to represent your term-topics are very narrow, but is also like the fulcrum of a lever.   The personal experience that my initiate your inquiries may seem narrow but by now you may be taking heart in the connectedness of things (even when the connections are circuitous) … and I like one of my intellectual heroes (Sir Francis Bacon) on this: “The eye of the understanding is like the eye of the sense; for as you may see great objects through small crannies or levels, so you may see great axioms of nature through small and contemptible instances.”
  • While we’re on the important idea of converging streams of information in the brain, here are two more obscure terms: “ecophory” and “redintegration” that will prove useful –in fact (as we have sometimes observed) having a word for an unnoticed or otherwise ineffable experience makes it easier to recognize it in the future and to make it part of your repertoire.  BE sure to look at the term “INFOVORE” in our notes 



THINGS TO DO or THINK ABOUT BEFORE MEETING 4 (be prepared to comment on this during check-in or discussion):

  • Specific DEEP influences on the behavioral pattern you chose to describe.
  • BUILDING on your ideas we will undertake a preliminary DEEP analysis of the target behavior.   
    • asking about causes and consequences presumes you have located the behavior in its appropriate level of organization.  
  • DEEP



CONNECTIONS (it should be clear now that there are connections within and between levels of organization. 



with your permission I will make everyone’s e-mail address available … there have been (predictably) instances of one participant coming across ideas they think would be of interest to others.   So here (will be) the resources to make connections with each other by means of possible overlapping aspects  of your likely TERM-PROJECTS)