Bitten by the Painting Bug

I enjoy an occasional letter from  Robert & Sara Genn that highlights an entry their blog, “The Painter’s Keys.”   Today it was about something I wanted to share:  Although established and entitled to some measure of satisfaction in a career, I think many of us experience an impulse to share more deeply–to explore in the company of sympathetic colleagues that place within them where one’s profession and one’s SELF articulate…. to say more, to become (as one might say of a work-of-art in progress), more fully realized.  In “Art & Organism” I argue that the artist’s first communication is with themselves–and for some that may suffice.  But any outwardly detectable change, even one’s demeanor, communicates with those around us (our notes on “ritualization” in evolution) and in ways not wholly understood binds us together.    Their entry is, “First Position” and it is from a ballerina that wants to connect with more people.   Perhaps enlarge her audience to go along with her enlarged interest and eventually her more fully realized self.


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