A&O CLASS NOTES April 21 2020



notes for


TUESDAY April 21, 2020



.I like mottos, they crystalize ideas, and those in Latin or Greek have a dignity and weight that holds your attention—as though it was a conservative part of your cultural DNA.   So…

facis de necessitate virtutem

(“you make a virtue of necessity”)

closely related to

Mater artium necessitas

(“The mother of invention is necessity”)



 (Connect remote sites by ZOOM – instructions (the ZOOM URL) to come in e-mail the day of class)

CHECK-IN: be prepared to comment on

    • how you are coping with the added factor of the pandemic … how are you doing? Any experiences to share? Joys? Concerns?



THEN Check-out a couple of questions after presentations are complete –these may help with final paper:

    • How/Why is “being on the edge (of your ability) evoke your best form” (directly connected to the mottos in the epigraph)  (CONNECT to a key point about the continuum from subclinical to pathological stress: mild stress can ENERGIZE, intense stress can PARALYZE)
    • How/Why do “afterthoughts” — ideas that pop up after a conversation (or presentation) ends

I will contact you after presentations

  • THEN CONTACT ME at any time about preparation of your paper — Beyond the main points developed in class for DEEP ETHOLOGY and ART, you have great artistic freedom in expressing yourself. 
    • For example, you may choose to display your art or that of others as a complement the verbal narrative in your paper; doodles welcome;
    • be sure to comment on your feelings about the ROOTS of your paper and its potential FRUIT.
  • More about the Main points are at: OUTLINE of MAIN POINTS for paper



IF YOU HAVE any adjustments to your Powerpoint presentation, have the final version to me as soon as possible



REPRESENTING ART IN YOUR PAPER:  how to include CREATION and/or APPRECIATION of what ART can contribute to insight about about your topic.   RELATED to that is what  PERSONAL experiences energize or contribute to your paper.

.From 2020: