ORICL Spring 2019 Catalog

472 Art and Organism: The Integrative Biology of Art and Aesthetic Experience

This class will be an overview of the ecology, evolution and physiology of art: the biological meaning of truth and beauty for real people in the real world. I will provide five 55 minute presentations with discussion as time allows.

Empirical grounding consists of the experiences of participants; philosophical grounding is that of existential phenomenology rendered highly accessible.

ART & ORGANISM 2019 at ORICL    
Friday Feb 8, begin at 2:30 day 1 notes  
Friday Feb 15, begin at 2:30 day 2 notes  
Friday Feb 22, begin at 2:30 day 3 notes  
Friday Mar 1, begin at 2:30 day 4 notes  
Friday Mar 8, begin at 2:30 day 5 notes