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University Studies Interdisciplinary Publications.

 Interdisciplinary Publications-Teaching-Learning-Issues, White-papers, Monographs, Conference presentations/Selected publications are available at the University’s repository and are available from TRACE and see list of University Studies adds content from their roster of Distinguished Scholars  (winners of the annual award for contributions to interdisciplinary scholarship) and University Studies sponsored presentations at professional meetings.  


an array of interdisciplinary classes–often offered only occasionally–is offered annually.  In the most recent catalog (2021-2022) it lists  course offerings under: UNST



Multidisciplinary groups of faculty with specific shared interests meet regularly under the auspices of University Studies which acts to facilitate communications across boundaries, find support for special projects such as conferences, forums, or publications. 

          Outstanding example:  The Transdisciplinary Phenomenology Research Group has endured and proved extremely productive (papers, conference presentations, books)    


Distinguished Scholars

Each year a Distinguished Interdisciplinary Scholar is elected. The award includes a stipend for summer research work and preparation of a statement.  Awards are announced at the Annual University Studies Retreat where the previous year’s winner presents their research.  Each year’s winner joins the University Studies Steering Committee as the oldest member rotates off.




  University Studies Special integrative PROJECTS     THE UNIVERSITY STUDIES PROGRAM consists of members of the University community, current and emeritus faculty, and collaborating colleagues who have joined with one another to explore and possibly transcend the disciplinary boundaries  that define and sometimes constrain them.   .Recent Transdisciplinary Projects ENVIRONMENTAL SEMESTER A full semester of across-campuses, interdisciplinary special events to focus on the environment.  Curricular innovations, research efforts, and community activities will per pursued from attention to local, regional, natiopnal, and global concerns. ESProjects CURRENT SCHEDULE of SPEAKERS and SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS Speakers invited by Colloquies and made available to the University community through special presentations Continuing discussions and forums UNIVERSITY STUDIES PUBLICATIONS in support of INTERDISCIPLINARITY Essays and monographs that foster, advance, and exemplify interdisciplinary scholarship Faculty from diverse disciplines discovering and exploring common ground.   Table of Interdisciplinary Resources   Bibliographies, internet sites, and relevant essays collated for your convenience by the University Studies Colloquy on Creativity Continuing dynamic collection of resources augmented by friends and colleagues of the Interdisciplinary List-Serve, begun at the 1999 AAHE Conference September 1999 PLAY and the BRAIN: Summit “Meeting of the Minds” Sponsored by University Studies (Creativity Colloquy) and IPA/USA (American Association for the Child’s Right to Play) Roster includes distinguished researchers and clinicians united by an interest in play behavior, collaboratively exploring interdisciplinary connections and prospects for mutual enrichment through enlarging paradigms. [Play and the Brain website] 1999 annual meeting: American Association for Higher Education   Presentation and Workshop by Al Burstein and Neil Greenberg “Against the Grain: The Natural History of an interdisciplinary faculty development program History and overview of the University Studies Program on the occasion of its 25th anniversary emphasizing the utility of a center for sharing information with other schools on the role of interdisciplinarity in faculty development 1996 -1998 Conferences on Values in Higher Education   Proceedings of the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Conferences on Values in Higher Education Documents include abstracts with links to full text and e-mail links to participants   The Centaur of Volos The art and artifacts of The Centaur Excavation at Volos now resides in the Jack Reese Galleria of the great Hodges Library of the University of Tennessee  Links include the annual showcase of Centaurian Scholarship. The South Knoxville Arts and Heritage Foundation The South Knoxville Arts and Heritage Foundation is a community development initiative that began with a student project in a University Studies class in 1999. Its current function is to stage the annual VESTIVAL, a gathering of local artists, musicians, and the people of the South Knoxville Vestal Community in a celebration of their past, present, and potential.  [more on Vestival]   [last update 02-06-04] .   “… although there are many names, the arts are not separated; and one kind of knowledge is not severed from another” –Paracelsus–   Unistudies Home . . “The love of  . . .  interconnection, which is perhaps the inmost essence of the intellectual impulse” –Bertrand Russell–   . FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL or E-MAIL Program Chair, Neil Greenberg  974-3599 ( or     REU TEST PAGE