DIAGRAM: What The World Will Pay For

Balancing NEEDS and RESOURCES in the environment in which you find yourself in an effort to maximize adaptive success (such indicated by  satisfaction, comfort, contentment, fulfillment, or bliss)

(“what the world will pay for” is a rough indication of how well your needs fit in to the environment–can secure resources for continuing development.  Always understanding that “We make the road by walking” — our actions in the world, even when not successful can change the world (or at least the corner in which we want to thrive, prosper, and self actualize)

Personal coaches (mentors, care-givers, social referees) help by getting a larger picture of who you are, who you want to be, and how you secure the resources to meet your needs in the world in which you find yourself.  Consider, If what you love to do and what you do well matches up with needs the world is willing to pay for as exemplified in this diagram… Rosalyn Clare’s coaching page   many other examples at google image search for “what the world will pay for”