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“God of the Gaps”




God of the Gaps” 

The GOD of the GAPS  is a view that the inability to provide a coherent empirical explanation for a phenomenon is evidence of the existence of god, bridging gaps in the story with necessarily inexplicable or ineffable or transcendent forces or otherwise unknowable forces.  Does this resemble DARK MATTER



(Science is much like religion in that it is a word for a type of knowledge … that people can communicate to each other and share”  seeking, I think, a common core of unifying thought.  This sense has, however, been distorted or corrupted by layers of interpretation motivated by a desire to explain what is simple by what is complex, what is easy by what is difficult, is a calamity affecting the whole body of science, known, it is true, to men of insight, but not generally admitted.  (Goethe, Maxim 611, trans. Stopp) (& ignotum per ignotius (“the unknown by the more unknown”), also known as obscurum per obscurius (“the obscure by the more obscure”))  The use of obscurity to explain has its own psychological background, possibly in seeking the appearance of confidence implied by a specialized vocabulary when there is, in fact, uncertainty… ?seeking a self-fulfilling prophecy?  (see “complexity bias”)