A&O NOTES – how to use them



“NOTES” pages are collections of

(1)  organized bits of of information that can form a scaffold for a richer relationship to and idea, and

(2)  stream of consciousness

In this way, NOTES are a best approximation of objective rational order AND a best approximation of subjective intuitively derived connections.

Informed by topics introduced in seminar in a way that (hopefully) enables and encourages personal associations or reflections as the topic unfolds.   Topics defined by shared understanding are hopefully given personal meaning by the  unique connections of each participant.

The pursuit of this balance is informed by ideas about the “transformative learning experience” whereby mere knowing is replaced by realizing.

In many respects A&O notes resemble the kind of diary or journal I suggest you keep for tracking ideas and their relationship to each other and to uniquely personal connections you notice or feelings you may have about them.  Read about your A&O Journal.