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    • University Studies [archive web page]
      • Classes
        • an array of interdisciplinary classes–often offered only occasionally–is offered annually.  In the most recent catalog (2019-2020) it listed amongst course offerings as UNST
      • Colloquies
        • Multidisciplinary groups of faculty with specific shared interests meet regularly under the auspices of University Studies which acts to facilitate communications across boundaries, find support for special projects such as conferences, forums, or publications. 
        • Outstanding example:  The Trnsdisciplinary Phenomenology Research Group has endured and proved extremely productive (papers, conference presentations, books)    
      • Distinguished Scholars
      • Publications
        • University Studies inherited the catalog of occasional short monographs  from UT’s “Teaching/Learning Center.”  Several of these publications have been published at the University’s repository and are available from TRACE ; in addition, University Studies adds content from their roster of Distinguished Scholars  (winners of the annual award for contributions to interdisciplinary scholarship).
    • ICE [archive web page]
    • Threshold Program
    • Environmental Semester [archive web page]
    • The Centaur of Volos
    • ..
    • The Transdisciplinary Phenomenology Research Group represents scholars from a variety of departments at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a common interest in phenomenological research in various human sciences.    Affiliates with the TPRG come from such fields as nursing, education, child and family studies, psychology, sports studies, business, and forestry to name a few. Our group focuses on utilizing phenomenological and other qualitative methods to gain a better understanding of human experience in its various manifestations.  (Publications)



    • “Learning from different disciplines” a review of The Most Unknown” by Ian Cheney, director;  Vice/Motherboard, 2018 by Brian Uzzi   in Science  13 Jul 2018: Vol. 361, Issue 6398, pp. 138  DOI: 10.1126/science.aau1692  READ
      “The Most Unknown, a documentary film in the Simons Foundation Science Sandbox series, takes the viewer on a fantastical journey of nine scientists as they intrepidly knock on Heaven’s door. Each asks a profound question in a different way. But all are making a difference in how science explains the Universe, the world we live in, and the worlds within us.”