GREENBERG et al (1979) role of the paleostriatum

Role of the amygdala in the reproductive and aggressive behavior of the lizard, Anolis carolinensis.

Greenberg NScott MCrews DPhysiol Behav. 1984 Jan;32(1):147-51.

Abstract. Thirteen male green anole lizards were lesioned in the ventromedial nucleus (VMN) of the posterior dorsal ventricular ridge (“amygdala”) and/or the paleostriatum (PS) to determine the influence of these structures on assertion and challenge displays addressed to male intruders, or courtship displays and copulatory neckgrip directed toward females. Lesions that affected both VMN and PS reduced or eliminated both challenge and courtship displays as well as the neckgrip, a crucial component in courtship. Subjects with lesions limited to VMN had assertion and challenge left unimpaired but courtship was reduced and neckgrip eliminated in most subjects. A lesion restricted to PS caused a significant deficit in challenge while other measures were unaffected. These data indicate that the VMN is involved in reproductive function in the green anole lizard.  PMID:6538977