Providing examples of topics that may be covered as we proceed.  The exact offerings are determined by

● the basic course objectives (integration of ways of knowing the world at multiple levels of organization);

● specific interests of seminar participants;

Emerging research and scholarship in constituent fields;       

● specific interests of faculty and guest experts that may visit.   


(notes from last year’s offerings are provided as clues about how discussions emerge and interconnect: Class notes from 2020)


examples of topics 
January 26 A&O (1) CONNECTIONS! ● The art and science of art and science– how they co-constitute our cognitive universe ● what do WORDS really MEAN?      ● MEANINGS are DEEPER than WORDS  2020 notes from meeting 1  
February 2 A&O (2) DEEP ETHOLOGY, real animals in the real world ● EXISTENTIAL PHENOMENOLOGY real people in the real world Last year’s notes  
February 9 A&O (3) ● Balance ● Essential Tensions ● INDIVIDUATION and SOCIALIZATION● SENSATIONS, PERCEPTIONS, CONCEPTIONS Last year’s notes  
February 16 A&O (4) DEVELOPMENT, BIAS, and learning, The EVOLUTION and PHYSIOLOGY of ART; ● congenital and acquired bias: how WEIRD we are; The “body bias”–Meaning and the Body Last year’s notes Possible guest appearance by teaching-learning scholar, Katherine Greenberg speaking to socio-cultural influences on the development of learning strategies. (Dr G is an internationally known expert on cultural influences on development of learning abilities) 
February 23 A&O (5) ●  NEEDS● CHANGE: the maelstrom of perpetual disintegration and  renewal;● STRESS  Last year’s notes  
March 2 A&O (6) ART and SCIENCE and TRUTH;● when TRUTH is a LIE; ● SAPIENCE and SENTIENCE: “reasons” and “feelings” about ART.  Check Last year’s notes Possible guest appearance of philosopher, John Nolt, speaking to the aesthetics and mathematics (Dr N. is author of several books and a well known expert on logic and environmental ethics)
March 9 A&O (7) ● PLAUSIBLE STORIES,● TRUTH and BELIEF (correspondence and coherence) BRING EXAMPLES of ART Check Last year’s notes  
March 16 A&O (8) ● Play and the development of creativity;  ● COMMUNICATIONS internal and external [heart-to-heart or meeting of minds?] Last year’s notes Possible guest appearance by ethologist,  Gordon Burghardt speaking to “play, art, and creativity) (Dr B. is an internationally known expert on reptile behavior and the ethology of play) 
March  23 A&O (9) CAUSES and CONSEQUENCES, beginnings and endings.
March 30 A&O (10) ● LEVELS of ORGANIZATION; layers of meaning, masks Last year’s notes    
April 6 A&O (11) ART and ARTIFACT: What can we know of the mind of the creative artist? does it matter?    Last year’s notes Possible guest appearance by anthropologist, Jan Simek , speaking to “art and artifact in paleolithic cultures.”  (Dr S. is an internationally known expert on paleolithic European as well as Southeastern American  cave art) 
April 13 A&O (12)  
April 20 A&O (13) What can we know? how can we communicate?