DEEP aspects of ART






Right now, as you read this text, it may seem like your eyes are simply detecting words out there in the world. But you’re not detecting—you’re constructing. In every moment, outside of your awareness, your brain constructs a model of the outside world, transforming light waves, pressure changes, and chemicals into sights, sounds, touches, smells, and tastes. Your brain continually anticipates what will happen next around you, checks its predictions against sense data streaming in from your eyes, ears, and other sensory surfaces of your body, updates the model as needed, and in doing so creates your experience of the world. This covert construction of your senses is called exteroception. 

     Your brain also models the events occurring inside your body. In much the same way that your brain sees sights, feels things that touch your skin, and hears sounds, it also produces your body’s inner sensations, such as a gurgling stomach, a tightness in your chest, and even the beating of your heart. Your brain also models other sensations from movements that you cannot feel, such as your liver cleaning your blood. The construction of all your inner sensations is called interoception and, like exteroception, it proceeds completely outside your awareness.”  Read https://neilgreenberg.com/ao-reading-senses-interoception-from-cerebrum-2021/)


The instant of PERCEPTION involves the past and future at the cellular as well as the cognitive level: reflection (past experience) and anticipation (future experience): see more at https://neilgreenberg.com/ao-perception/


There is a flow of information through all organisms, but many (we in particular) are able to derive heuristics–ways of responding–by selectively representing the stimuli and currents they instantiate that are (or have been in our ancestral past) useful for conducting ourselves in the most adaptive manner–the manner best able to meet our biological needs.